Welcome to our page showing our great club supporters and sponsors. Without their generosity and support our club would not be running so successfully. Show them our appreciation by going to them for the products and services they provide, so that they keep up that support to us. Contact the club if you want to feature on this page!

We welcome George Refrigeration & Air Conditioning as our new track naming rights sponsor.

From the supply of equipment to installation, maintenance and servicing of systems. 
We also offer the same ongoing professional service for both domestic and commercial installations, maintenance and service.

Air conditioning
Heat Pumps
Ducted Units
Refrigerated Rack Systems
Commercial Refrigeration
Supermarket Refrigeration
Pharmaceutical Refrigeration
Chillers - 2KW - 3.2MW
Brewery Refrigeration
Glycol Systems
Process coolers
Server room air conditioning

  • Contact: Shayne Sayer
  • Phone: 04 528 7037
  • Website
 Spark Karts

Sparkarts is a full Engine and Kart Service Centre with all work carried out by Stu Park, a qualified engineer (NZATC) and ex racer with 30 yrs+ experience. I offer a comprehensive machine shop, Dynomite Kart Engine Dyno, Superflow Flow Bench and Intercomp Kart Scales, along with quality parts, accessories and advice to suit all classes and levels of racer from beginners to experienced. Check out the testimonials!!


typeface is an award-winning creative design agency located in Wellington. Is your organisation in need of a new logo, a refresh of it's brand, a new website or perhaps just marketing collateral to promote a product or service on offer. Our services span all aspects of graphic design, communication media, print and web.

 Business Knowledge

BKL is a business that’s all about business. We’re here to do the things you don’t want to do yourself, like GST and PAYE – and be an adviser and sounding board for more complex matters like business planning and family trusts.

We understand the realities of owning a business (between us we’ve run a few ourselves) and we have the specialist expertise to get you on track and heading in the right direction.We like learning about people, so you can expect solutions that are right for you. And we know the value of good relationships, so you can expect outstanding service from your BKL account manager and everyone else in the BKL team.

Most of all, we like working with people who are as focused on the future as we are. Give us a call . We’d love to hear from you.

Class and Club Supporting Sponsors

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Spark Karts Prize Package Testimonials

Edward Kelly, Junior Yamaha Class.

Before the service was done on the kart, the handling of the kart wasn't very good at all, especially if you compare it to what it is now. The back of the kart would slide around the corners making it difficult to follow the racing line. The brakes weren't very responsive, partly because the kart doesn't have hydraulic brakes. The front wheels were also very toed-out and the stub axles were bent. One of the things that Stu did on the kart was balancing the chassis. We put the kart on the scales, which showed that the chassis was quite bent. We gave the chassis a twist so it was balanced correctly. Stu also made some other changes like the brakes, my positioning in the kart, camber and caster and more. Now the kart is a lot easier to drive. I am able to brake later, there is more grip in the front of the kart when driving into the corner and in the rear of the kart when driving out of the corner. All of that has resulted in taking nearly a second off my lap times.Thank you very much Stu for all the time and effort you put into the kart and making it much better and also for providing this great prize to be won.

Taylor Burling-Claridge, Junior Yamaha Class.

We rushed in just before CIK Trophy of NZ and Stu went over the kart on the scales, discovering that it was slightly out of true. A quick tweak on the chassis and a full dynamic wheel alignment sorted it. Stu also discovered the accelerator cable was frayed and needed replacing and then shared some of his knowledge and advice with me to help me prepare for CIK. Back at the track, I noticed the kart was more stable in it's handling and more responsive in the steering, giving me more confidence chasing the front runners.
Thanks for good work Stu!