Clubday Results for Nov 2011

What a fantastic turnout this month - over 40 karts and over 30 bucket bikes as well. A big thanks to the Clubsport 120 drivers who came down for the day and also to Donna Lee for showing us how quick her twin is around our track. 

The results for the day are here

Clubday Results for Oct 2011

A great day and a good turnout, especially in the cadets and Juniors. A full report is on its way.

The full clubday results can be found Here.

Clubday Results for Jul 2011

Well yes that word WET was back again. Sure, the dry clubdays are coming but it did clear midway through the afternoon and the sun even came out for a while, but parts of the track stayed a bit damp. Senior drivers had a 25 lap race at the end of racing for the Bill Picard Memorial Trophy.

A smaller field of Cadets with 5 entering on the day and Nick Evans from Manawatu taking the day from Rianna Omeara Hunt. An excellent days racing from Kurt Longstaff to take third included the fastest lap in one of the heats. Aksal Harken has worked his way up into the field now and great to see new comer Ryan Wood take out a fourth in the final heat and only on his third clubday.

The Junior Restricted class was as competitive as ever with 6 entries for the day and locals Thomas Batt and Jordan Lum swapping first and second between themselves all day, with Thomas winning the day by 1 point. Jared Parker and Ruth Davy both starting to work there way up there along with Holly Taylor, and welcome to new driver Shayla Robbie. A wet start for her first clubday saw a few nerves, but once going she was well into it.

Junior class was our biggest field of the day 8 entries in total with Campbell Caird taking a clean sweep and winning all 4 heats. There was good racing between Hamish Stokes and Zac Thomson with Taylor Burling-Claridge, Edward Kelly and Mitchell Cowley mixing it up as well (well done to Michell for posting the fastest time in the last heat).  Chasing them all hard was the X rated Tim Green who is quickly showing some great skills. 

Clubclass boys came out in force with 7 entries for the day. Some excellent close racing with Chris Smyth leading for some of the day and John Davidson stepping up later on to give Chris some close racing. Well done to Chris winning the day. Four X rated drivers in this class which gives you an idea of how this class is growing and is an excellent and competitive entry level into karting. Also mixing it in was Yamaha Heavy driver Darren Conway who looked like he was smiling at the live web camera provided by Conway Karts everytime he went past.

Max Lights and Open were all in together and some very close and fast racing saw open drivers Peter Hoare and Danny Picard racing closely with Max Light driver Brent Melhop on there tails. Heat 5 saw a bit of a coming together between Peter and Brent with some damage to both karts but pleased to say both drivers were ok. Carl Westerman has found his feet in the Max Lights very quickly taking out the first heat and staying on Aaron Staggs tail for the other heats.

The Bill Picard Memorial Trophy was entered by 9 of our senior drivers, quite late into the day on a dry but cold and damp track with darkness starting to set in. Close racing for the first half saw Grant Bristow leading from Danny Picard ( desperate to retain the title ). Grant certainly had the straight line speed in the shifter kart but Danny was catching in the corners until a small spin saw Danny fall behind and Grant taking out the race and title. Well done also to Aaron Stagg for third place.

The full cluday results can be found Here.

Clubday Results for Jun 2011

The word for today was "wet".... constant rain once again challenged all drivers out there. The bucket bikes were out in force too, contesting the last round of the King of Kaitoke Series.  

Well the weather did just as it predicited and we had rain, rain and more rain.  Our members are now getting used to it and we saw 31 keen karters and 18 very keen bucket bikers there to test themselves against the conditions.

Cadet racing was close all day with the two girls Rianna Omera-Hunt and Maddy Stewart (in her first outing in a brand new Kiwi Kart chassis) taking out first and second places.  Logan Keats came through to take third place for the day, and there was some great improvements through the rest of the cadet field with Kurt Longstaff showing some excellent skills in the wet and unrated driver Aksal Harken flying through the field at times.  Also new cadet driver Ryan Wood showing a steady improvement throughout the day in what was only his second clubday!
Junior restricted had a good field with long time racers Jordan Lum and Thomas Batt battling for first and second.  It was Thomas' first meeting in his new Intrepid Chassis so lots of learning for dad and the team.  Well done to Ruth Davy in achieving her C rating on a trying day.
There was a strong field of 7 junior drivers and well done to Campbell Caird for winning the day, with Zac Thompson second.  Close racing right through the junior field with Hamish Stokes and Taylor Burling-Claridge fighting for third and fourth place and trying to stay out of the floorpan deep puddles that suddendly appeared in the downpour just before heat 4.
Clubclass had a good field for the day.  Thanks go out to Chris Smyth who has been out promoting the class and helping new members with gear and advice.  Chris was rewarded with winning the day.  New drivers Brad Roberts and Marc Colliss both showed some good racing skills.
The Rotax Max lights saw new member Carl Westerman nearly win the day ... however Aaron Stagg had a strong finish to the day and managed to take first place.
Open class saw a great tussle between Peter Hoare and Paul Campbell, both enjoying the wet weather.
Well done also to the yamahas of Darren Conway and Charlotte Oram for mixing it up in the all-in senior races.
Special thanks must go to Shane Longstaff, his first day in training as a Kartsport Steward and he was out on the track all day in that weather. Also thanks to Ryan Caird for being available as starter for the day.
See you all at the July clubday with seniors racing for the Bill Picard Memorial Trophy!
Wayne Keats
Club Captain
The results are here (and on MyLaps too). Be sure to check out Vortex Photography for more photos too.


Podiums for the Jun 2011 Clubday

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Clubday Jun 2011 Podium presentations including some of the ones for the Bucket Bikes King Of Kaitoke Series.

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Clubday Results for April 2011


Winter seemed to have arrived a little earlier than expected this April clubday with rain and a cold wind to greet the drivers and crews. Wet setups all around for the starting heats, but as the day went on, the weather improved giving those watching the pits some entertainment with rapid wheel changes just before hitting the grid for some classes! Great racing in all classes with Zach Thompson making his (very fast) move into the Junior Yamaha class and new drivers beefing up the Club class - well done, keep it up.

The Bucket Bikes had round 4 (of 5) of the King of Kaitoke series, running two classes of abilities. The wet weather was challenging and left a few riders with extra bruises as the adapted to the conditions. It was great watching them and seeing well they raced.

All the results are right here.


Clubday Results for March 2011

The March clubday dawned cold but fine and turned into a scorcher of a day. There was close (too close at times) racing between the Donahue brothers in the cadets, allowing Logan Keats to take a win, and Rianna Omera-Hunt to take out the day. A small field of JRs included a new driver, Josh Bamber, who acquitted himself very well for the day, constantly improving. Taylor Burling-Claridge has his first run in the Junior Yamaha class and ensured the top drivers (Campbell Caird and Hamish Stokes) were looking over their shoulders as he came 3rd for the day, winning one heat and setting the fastest lap in 4 out of 5 heats and the GP,

The Seniors were all-in, making for a lot of close hard racing between the Rotaxes and the Yamaha Lights at least. Rounding out the karting was the club class who also had good racing all day.

The Bucket Bikes had round 3 of the King of Kaitoke series, running two classes of abilities and all went well (a dry track helped!). It was great watching how close they race as well.

The full results are available here.

Clubday Results for February 2011

The February clubday was a twilight meeting as a follow-on from the Kart in the Dark meeting held at Kartsport Manawatu the night before. Some hardy drivers and families made the big effort and came along to both!! The weather was fine and very hot - somewhere near 30 degrees. The racing was close and there were some good battles amongst the smaller numbers.

The Bucket bikes held the 2nd meeting of their King of Kaitoke series, making lots of noise and entertaining everyone at the club.

The days results are right here