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Annual Points Championship 2010

Annual Points Championship Points Summary

1 - Jordan Lum
2 - Zac Thompson
3 - Thomas Batt 
Junior Restricted:
1 - Kurt James
2 - Campbell Caird
3 - Taylor Burling-Claridge

Junior Yamaha:
1 - Patrick Davy (countback)
2 - Charlotte Oram
3 - Hamish Stokes
1 - Daniel Whittington (countback)
2 - Dennis Clark
3 - Chris Smyth (4 or more days attended)
Yamaha Light:
No award - no qualifying drivers
Yamaha Heavy:
1 - Jonny Clifford
2 - Darren Conway (4 or more days attended - countback)
3 - Glen Shardlow (4 or more days attended)
1 - Daniel Picard
2 - Karl Wilson
3 - Grant Bristow (4 or more days attended)
Rotax Max Heavy:
No award - No qualifying drivers
Rotax Max Light:
1 - Brent Melhop
2 - Aaron Stagg
3 - Don McKenzie (4 or more days attended)

Well done to all.

May 2010 Club Champs


Contested by Cadets, JR, Junior, Yamaha Heavy, Rotax Heavy and Open.
An overcast day, but the rain held off until the last two Grand Prix.

The day was notable for some very close racing in Cadets, between Jordy Lum and Zac Thompson in the lead and Logan Keats, Josh Donhue and Rianna OMeara-Hunt in the second bunch. Some very close racing also in Juniors where, in the GP, while Harry Wheelans and Marshall Krivan locked in first and second the remaining competitors swapped places continuously throughout the race.

In the Senior Grand Prix Daniel Picard turned in a nice demonstration of kart control in a twin in the wet, only just managing to stay in front of Nick Rodgers in a Rotax Max. Daniel also gets the spinners prize for the day, with three spins, one just after the start which the field managed to avoid and a recovery from two of them at exactly 360 degrees.

Junior Restricted was won convincingly by Kurt James with Campbell Caird as runner up. An achievement award for Brittany Lum for turning in a very creditable second in their wet GP (on slicks).

Yamaha Heavy was hotly contested between Charlton Hawes, Andrew Donohue and Hayden Sarcich, with Andrew turning in a consistent string of second places.

Rotax Max Heavy was always going to be a Nick Rodgers benefit, but Karl Cameron was always close behind with Iain Atkinson and Aaron Stagg close behind.

Open was a driving demonstration by Karl Wilson, with Danny running next and Dean Williams, temporarily out of retirement, turning in a very creditable performance in third.

May 2010 Club Champs Summary