Regrettably this event is cancelled by KartSport NZ due to lack of entries as of 3 January 2014.

Our thanks to all those who supported this event by entering.


Welcome to the 2014 CIK Trophy of NZ

CIKCIK Trophy of New Zealand is one of the premier events on the National karting calendar which will attract 120 plus drivers from all over the country and around Australia. This event hosts the KZ2, KF2 and Junior KF3 classes. Other support Challenge Cup Classes for the meeting will also run. A decision on which classes will run will be made based on entries received.

CIK Trophy of New Zealand is an annual International event marked on the FIA-CIA (World Governing Body) calendar of International karting events. CIK Trophy events are run all over the world today and attract international competitors. Australian junior driver Andrew Kahl will be crossing the Tasman to compete with the best New Zealand KF3 drivers. The 15 year old Tony Kart Australia supported driver comes off the back of being named the Rookie of the Year in the Australian CIK Stars of Karting championship. Kahl finished 3rd in the 5 round championship and won the last CIK event in Australia, The Race of Stars, on the Gold Coast.

Traditionally the CIK Trophy of New Zealand is only second in size to the New Zealand National Championship. Past winners include:

  • Chris van der Drift - now racing in Europe
  • Wade Cunningham - went on to be 2003 World Karting Champion now in Indy Lights
  • Josh Hart - now competing in Karting in Europe
  • Tim Edgel - now racing New Zealand V8's

Supp Regs and Entry Form

The Supp Regs have been released, with the entry form included, Click Here to get a copy or even better - use the new online system.


Entries List

As entries come in, we will regularly update a page with the details - get your entries in!!

Sponsors List

Here are our Sponsors who have come onboard for this great event.

If you are interested, or know of someone who would be interested in becoming a Sponsor please contact our Club Captain, Wayne Keats - Email here or call him on 0274434812.

CIK Trophy of NZ and Challenge Cup Titles

Cadet  Junior Restricted  Junior Yamaha  JICA/KF3  ICA/F100/KF2  ICC/KZ2  Yamaha Light  Yamaha Heavy  Rotax Light  Rotax Heavy
1998 B Hartley C Pither  J Coley  B Turnball  T Edgell  NC  S McGill  A Entwistle  NC  NC  1998
1999 M Burdett  B Barrie  NC  R Grant  Jonny Reid  NC  NC  Jarrad Reid  NC  NC  1999
2000 NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  2000
2001 NC  D Smith  NC  C Vander Drift  W Cunningham  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  2001
2002 NC  NC  NC  J Hart  T Edgell  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  2002
2003 J McNee  M Burdett  S van Gisbergen  C Lobb  W Cunningham  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  2003
2004 NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  NC  2004
2005 A Hutton  J McNee  B Dallas  M Wooding  M Wall (AUS)  R Grant  K Wilson  NC  M Wheaton  NC  2005
2006 B Hicks  N Cassidy  G Smyth  T Richardson  W Cunningham  M Wall (AUS)  M Wooding  NC  M Wooding  NC  2006
2007 A Wilson  A Hutton  N Cassidy  M Evans  M Cunningham  R Grant  D Kent  NC  NC  M Hamilton  2007
2008 M Turner  S Manson  N Cassidy  N Cassidy  M Cunningham  R Grant  K Wilson  NC  NC  J Hart  2008
2009 Z Thompson  A Wilson  C Cox  A Hutton  NC  R Grant  M Hamilton  NC  NC  J Macdonald  2009
2010 Z Thompson  L Brown  R Tinney  A Hutton  NC  D Bray  A Geary  NC  NC  NC  2010
2011 K Ngatoa  J Webb  J Penrose  A Marr  NC  K Wilson  D Kinsman S Reay  NC  NC  2011
2012 L Lawson  T Pooley  M Podjursky  J Drysdale  M Waters (AUS) R Grant  D Kinsman  NC  NC  NC  2012
2013 T Boniface  L Lawson  M Armstrong  M Turner  NC  R Grant  R Cappleman  NC  M Kinsman  NC  2013