Enduro Update!

This year's enduro sponsored by Business Knowledge (Brent Melhop), Xero and Typeface (Marty Hunt).

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It’s a big clubday this Sunday 21 September with our annual Enduro meeting. The planned program:

  • Gates open from about 7.15am.
  • Scrutineering will be from 8.00am to about 8.40am
  • Drivers briefing at 8.50 am and
  • On the track at 9.00am.

Each class will have two tuning runs. At the conclusion of the tuning runs the Enduros will begin (no heats). Grid draws for each class will be out of the hat.

Here is the race order for the day.

  • Tuning run - all classes
  • Tuning run - all classes
  • Cadet/Cadet Rok Enduro (15 minutes)
  • Senior Enduro (90 minutes)
  • Lunch Break (30 minutes)
  • Junior Restricted/Mini Rok Enduro (30 minutes)
  • Bucket Bike Enduro (45 minutes)
  • Junior/Rotax Junior Enduro (45 minutes)

For this event we do need you to assist each other with flagging, as we are holding the Senior Enduro before lunch, Seniors please stay around after to assist the Junior and Bike teams, we will open the bar from lunchtime onwards, so you can also sit on the deck and watch all the other Enduros, or get involved and help out a team.


More Info!

We will explain the rules to each class before their Enduro. Remember the pit lane will be in operation - once the kart is stopped - the driver must exit the kart in the pit lane, and the kart is removed into the pits for all wheel changes, fuel adding etc. There will be a roped area in the pits before the pit lane and access to this area will be only for your crew and driver, there will be no spectating from the pit lane area, or the pits area immediately in front of the pit lane, this is for safety reasons and will be clearly roped off

Senior drivers you must present an empty fuel tank to the Tech team so it can be marked to a maximum of 5 litres. This is the maximum amount of fuel you are allowed at anytime throughout the senior Enduro. Seniors make sure you are in the pit area at least 15 minutes before your Enduro. Each team must provide a ground cover sheet in case of fuel spills, There will be Technical inspections and WEIGHING at the end of each Enduro, so drivers who are sharing you need to check your weights before you do your Enduro.

The Race Officials will be watching closely for clear hand signals, good use of the entry lane onto the track and that wheel and tyre changes are done properly. Penalties for any infringements are additional laps that will be added and any karts under weight will be disqualified.

This is a trophy event and we award the trophies at our annual prize giving later in the year. The club recognises the first Master driver in each of the Senior classes, so if you want to run as a Master, you must enter on the day as a Master, and be running green plates.

You can contact me anytime with any questions. If it is your first Enduro meeting - it is just a normal clubday but you get to do a lot more laps with pit stops. We will have a big team of volunteers there helping this weekend so remember to thank them as without the club helpers and volunteers we could not have meetings like this for you to enjoy.

Finally - remember to thank our sponsors for this event!!

Business Knowledge   Typeface  Xero