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2013 National Sprint Champs - Day 3

Rotax Light

1. Daniel Kinsman   2. Daniel Conner   3. Aaron Hodgson   4. James Penrose   5. Scott Manson   6. Andy Schofield

Rotax Heavy

1. Zach Zaloum   2. Lane Moore   3. Michael Saller   4. Simon Hunter   5. Brendon Hart   6. Stuart Gould


1. Daniel Bray   2. Richard Moore   3. John Wallace   4. Dyson Freeman   5. Arie Hutton   6. Mark Swetman


1. Taylor Harte   2. Mitchell Turner   3. Arran Crighton   4. Mitchell Sanders   5. Chelsea Herbert   6. Maddison Wise

Check out the Mylaps page for the full results.


Junior Yamaha

1. Marcus Armstrong   2. Trey Nairn   3. Madison Wise   4. Travis Day   5. Thomas Joyce   6. Jai Buckley

Yamaha Light

1. James Penrose   2. Daniel Kinsman   3. Andy Schofield   4. Alex Geary   5. Matthew Kinsman   6. Josh Drysdale

Yamaha Heavy

1. Simon Hunter   2. Karl Wilson   3. Andrew Donohue   4. Caleb Hartley   5. George Keast   6. Zach Zaloum

Check out the MyLaps page for full results of the day.

2013 National Sprint Champs - Day 1


1. Callum Hedge   2. Jackson Rooney   3. Thomas Boniface   4. Joshua Parkinson   5. Reuben Adams   6. Blake Evans

Junior Restricted

1. Caleb Cross   2. Kaleb Ngatoa   3. Reece Hendl-Cox   4. Matthew Payne   5. Liam Lawson   6. Nicholas Evans


1. Matthew Hamilton   2. Daniel Bray   3. Chris Cox   4. Ricky Capo   5. Scott Manson   6. Shaun Grocock

Be sure to check out the My Laps page for more details too.

Cafe Menu

So you know what will be available - here is the awesome Cafe Menu

Prizegiving Details

The prize giving for the 2013 Kartsport NZ National Sprints and hosted by Kartsport Wellington will be held on Sun 31 Mar 13 at:
Trentham Gardens
Trentahm Race Course
Upper Hutt

There will be a buffett meal from 6.00pm onwards with prizegiving scheduled to start at 7.30pm.
Tickets for the meal are $30.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 14 and under.
For those just coming to the prizegiving there is a $10.00 entry charge.
There will be a bar operating.
Tickets can be ordered by filling in this form and getting it back to us.
Last day for ordering tickets is Wednesday 27 March at 5.00pm.


Entries List

Entries close on Friday 8th Mar - get your entries in!!

You can check out your competition on the Entries List.

Pit Sites

Want to know where you will be pitting? - check out the Pit Sites List  (will be updated after the final entries are in)

Supp Regs and Entry Form

The first paperwork for this premier event  have been signed off - here are the Supp Regs

Sponsors List

KartSport Wellington is proud to announce the following class sponsors to date:

 Cadet   MG Tyres   MG Logo 
 Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha  Spark Services  SparksLogo 
 Junior 100cc Yamaha  Pacific Kartsport  PacificKartsport
 KF3 Armstrong Prestige  AMGroup
 100cc Yamaha Light  MG Tyres  MG Logo
 100cc Yamaha Heavy   N Zed Motorsport/GP Karts  NZed Motorsport GP Kart
 125cc Rotax Max Light   Pacific Kartsport  PacificKartsport
 125cc Rotax Max Heavy   Manawatu Toyota Manawatu Toyota
 KZ2   Mi Sedaap Instant Noodles  Mi Seedap
 Open Right Karts  Right Karts

ORG_Logo  ORG is also proud to be an associate sponsor for this event. ORG will provide all entries an exclusive event T-shirt and also prizes for the top two competitors in each class.