WPKA Champs Meeting

The weather turned on race day to a complete wet day, with rain pretty much constantly all day. Some races were hard to see from the clubrooms! It made for a hard day for the drivers with some great examples of skill out there to stay on the track. The senior GP was nearly a re-run of Kart in the Dark, with light fading fast! 

Results are up on MyLaps now.

 Goldstar Seniors Start

Sun 05 Jun 11 is the Champs meeting for the WPKA. Round off the WPKA Goldstar series with a good hard run back where it started.

Entries are open now and will close at 5pm on Friday 27th May. Classes not established by this date, will not run (min 6 entries).  You can enter this event as a one off and now with the amended entry fee which is only a low $54.25.

Classes available:

  • Cadet
  • Junior Restricted
  • Junior Yamaha
  • Yamaha Lights
  • Yamaha Heavy
  • Rotax Max Light
  • Clubsport 120
  • Open

Have a look in the entry form for more details, including accomodation etc. Leading 'Master' entrants in a class will be recognised (go the green plates)

Online entry is also available for this event via KartSport On-Line

You can discuss it or ask questions on MyKart as well.

Entries so far  All classes are running.  Late fees not charged except for online entries.

MyKart page to discuss the event.

Site map for trailers

The points from the GOLDSTAR rounds are now updated for all rounds.