How to Join

Getting involved is easy - but there are some forms:

The 2016 Membership form and  the 2016 Key Application form if you want a track access key. (Access to the track is by way of key with a monthly fee - and we are careful how we distribute the keys. If you have not talked to us on a club day you will be asked to visit us at the track so that we can scrutineer and  confirm your gear is safe to run before we issue a key.)

Then mail it to Secretary at P O Box 38-994, Wellington Mail Centre, Wellington 5045. If time is short you can appear at a Club day with the form and still race the same day. 

Your full racing competition licence is available from KartSportNZ Licence page

For our Bucket Bike members - fill in this one - 2016 Bucket Bikes Membership Form

A Junior (under 17) may join the club as the sole member although they must have a guardian or parent present and signing in when they are competing.

While the Club does have a Social membership for non-driving members you cannot permanently hold a gate key to the track unless you also hold a competition license from KartSport New Zealand. It is normal to file a license application form for KartSport New Zealand at the same time as you apply to join the club and include it with the Clubs membership form so that the Secretary can forward it with proof of club membership. 

You can pay by funds transfer if you wish - the information is on the form. Do NOT include the fee for the Competition license.