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Junior Yamaha Driver Profiles

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Ashleigh Stewart

Kart Number:  20
Sponsors:  Intergen, Carlton Party Hire, Kiwi Kart
Racing Class:  Junior Yamaha
Kart Chassis and Engine:  Kiwi Kart, KT100
Karting Debut:  Cadet, March 2009
Driving Highlight:  15th Race 4 at Blossom 2011 (First meeting in Junior)
Best Karting Advice Received:  Go Hard
Most Embarrassing Kart Moment:  Spinning out while leading a race
Race Driver you look up to:  Danica Patrick
Karting/Driving Goals:  Race at National 2012
Birthday:  29 Oct
Other Sports:  Hockey, Motorsport

Campbell Caird

Kart Number:  27
Sponsors:  Mikes glass, ecosee, craigs investment partners
Racing Class:  Junior Yamaha
Kart Chassis and Engine:  Intrepid / KT100
Karting Debut:  2008
Driving Highlight:  1st 2010-11 annual points
Best Karting Advice Received:  If in doubt go flat out
Most Embarrassing Kart Moment:  Going before the lights went out at my 1st goldstar
Race Driver you look up to:  Petter Solberg, Colin Mcrae, Lewis Hamilton
Karting/Driving Goals:  WRC
Birthday:  27 June 1997
Other Sports:  Rugby, co-driving

Taylor Burling-Claridge

Kart Number:  44
Sponsors:  Mum & Dad, GoPro, Galfer, MotoOption Clothing
Racing Class:  Junior Yamaha
Kart Chassis and Engine:  Kosmic TS30 / KT100
Karting Debut:  Mar 2009 Clubday
Driving Highlight:  Winning Clubdays!
Best Karting Advice Received:  Smooth is Fast
Most Embarrassing Kart Moment:  Crashing in Pit Lane after a race.
Race Driver you look up to:  Lewis Hamilton
Karting/Driving Goals:  All the way to F1, but shorter term - Top three in NZ for Juniors
Birthday:  08 Mar
Other Sports:  Mountain Biking, Couch Surfing

Tim Green

Kart Number:  59
Sponsors:  Ultra Car Groom
Racing Class:  Junior Yamaha
Kart Chassis and Engine:  Intrepid 100cc
Karting Debut:  2006
Driving Highlight:  Getting 3rd in the club champs in cadets
Best Karting Advice Received:  Go like your dad
Most Embarrassing Kart Moment:  Getting stuck in gorse bush
Race Driver you look up to:  Shane wood & James Mcfadden
Karting/Driving Goals:  To get 1st in a club day race
Birthday:  10 Feb
Other Sports:  AFL